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Fire Damage And Restoration, Phoenix AZ

Anyone who’s been affected by fire knows it can be one of the most frightening and traumatizing experiences of their life. Just the ferocity and speed of fire is not only terrifying, it can cause loss of property (sometimes loss of life), and shocking amounts of damage. 

Unfortunately, the damage created by fire is not over once the fire has been extinguished. Victims of fire are left with damaged or destroyed possessions and often no roof over their head, leaving them with no place to call home.

Businesses, on the other hand, are often left unable to trade, resulting in a long and stressful financial struggle.

The key to minimizing both the emotional and financial struggles caused by fire is fast access to fire damage restoration. Our goal at Restoration AZ is to restore your peace of mind by completing fire damage restoration as quickly as possible. Restoration AZresponds rapidly to emergency fire damage restoration calls in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, Chandler, Glendale, and surrounding Arizona cities.

We Specialize in Your Emergencies

Restoration AZ has years of experience responding to emergencies, specifically fire damaged properties. Our aim is to help you through what is usually a frightening and  traumatic experience. Our staff members are standing by, ready to respond to your emergency. We’ll help you by evaluating, quoting, and commencing restoration of your home or business. We’re just a phone call away, so if you need us, call Restoration AZ at (602) 584-8180 right now!

Some aspects of our fire restoration services include –

  • Many years’ experience working in the building restoration business,
  • Ensuring the structural integrity of your home or business premises,
  • Immediate board-up service, thus protecting your building from vandalism or additional damage,
  • Temporary electrical service, 
  • Environmentally safe removal of debris,
  • Specialized cleaning techniques, minimizing further damage to your belongings, 
  • Quick and professional fire damage cleanup.

We protect your personal belongings by offering full pack-out and restoration services. At Restoration AZ we fully understand just how important your personal property is to you, and we guarantee we’ll treat your items with the utmost respect.

Fire Damage Restoration Phoenix AZ

If you have a fire in your home or office, the damage is not only disruptive, it's devastating. Structural and interior damage can be compounded by secondary damage to your belongings. Our goal is to minimize your fire damage loss and restore your peace of mind. Contact Restoration AZ for complete fire damage restoration service in Phoenix AZ, Scottsdale AZ,  Peoria AZ, Chandler AZ, Glendale AZ and Surrounding Arizona cities

Your emergency is our specialty.

  • Years of experience restoring fire-damaged properties
  • Priority on ensuring the structural integrity of your building
  • Emergency board up service to protect your structure from further damage or vandalism
  • Environmentally safe removal of debris
  • Temporary electrical service
  • Fast and professional fire damage cleanup
  • Aggressive cleaning techniques to minimize secondary damage to your belongings

We offer full pack out and restoration services for your personal property. We understand how important your personal belongings are and will treat them with the same respect and care as if they were our own.

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Why Choose Restoration AZ: 

  • Same day estimates and immediate deployment
  • Extensive partner network to see your home through any disaster
  • Work with all major insurance providers
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